The stress that Fei felt at the residence of the Royal Coronation Legion created him much more mindful of the hidden dangers. He nevertheless did not know what was about to occur, but it was not going to be something minor even the elder princess of Zenit Empire had to guard towards it cautiously.

As a result, Fei had to put together in advance.

Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy was positioned at Former Head Minister Bazzer’s mansion. It was the greatest stone building in Chambord following King’s Palace. Like all the other buildings in Chambord, this constructing was a lot more than a hundred years previous. Moss grew on all the slits amongst the white stones that formed the walls, and dried yellow vines crawled onto the wall. The constructing looked very aesthetically pleasing from far away.

Fei heard the cheers of the young children on the outdoors of the academy.

Following coming into the building, he noticed hundreds of children practicing a set of simple punches underneath Lampard’s guidebook. They have been also training the horse-stage stance (an ancient Asian approach to train the legs) with their legs – the concept of the horse step came from Fei of course, and it was listed as one particular of the vital practices at the academy.

The tiny ones have been putting all their efforts on the practice.

Drops of sweats slid off of their faces, and their clothes had been all soaked. Though a number of of the kids’ legs were shaking, they bit their teeth and endured the soreness. They all had been kids of ordinary civilians, and they understood their low social courses and the toughness of daily life. They knew that possessing this opportunity to understand and practice was already quite fortunate. For that reason, every single and every single one of them tried their hardest to increase their strength to modify their lives and their families’ lives none of them slacked off.

Lampard was carrying his giant black sword on his back. He glanced by means of each and every of the little ones and corrected their forms and errors as they occurred. This silent former amount a single warrior at Chambord didn’t like politics or military really considerably it seemed like he was not interested in anything. Nonetheless, when he began to train the little ones, he was total of enthusiasm with the large volume of free time he had, he was now the headmaster at the academy, and was accountable for carrying out 99% of all the coaching programs. With his popularity as the former quantity one particular warrior in Chambord and his 3-star warrior strength, he was the kids’ favourite instructor appropriate soon after Fei.

“Hi, Principal!”

After seeing Fei’s arrival, seems of surprise and worship popped on all the kids’ faces. They paused their practice, stood up straight and saluted to Fei in a military method in unison.

“Hi, every person!”

He experimented with to be majestic and saluted back.

It was the academy’s rule that Fei need to be addressed as the principal. Soon after stepping into the academy, no matter who the particular person was and what sort of status the individual had outdoors of the academy, he or she could only have a single identity – a student or a instructor.

“Continue training!”

After hearing Fei’s order, the children went back to the horse-stage stance and practiced the set of punches. The small ones have been all thrilled and their faces acquired all red. They experimented with their hardest to stand out to Fei. If Frank-Lampard was their favourite teacher, then Fei would be their supreme idol, the supreme king. In this planet that followed the law of the jungle, what Fei had demonstrated in the past conquered these little ones who all had heroic dreams.

“Thanks for all your difficult work, uncle Lampard.”

Fei was extremely respectful in front of Frank-Lampard. This 3-star warrior was the best pal to the previous king and took fantastic care of Alexander. Like the old handsome Bast, Fei handled him as his elder.

“Your Majesty!” Lampard nodded, and his solemn encounter cracked a smile.

He clearly felt that Fei’s power had increased. He could no longer estimate how robust Fei was, but 1 issue was particular – Fei had surpassed the threshold of the 3-star rank. If not, Lampard would have been ready to at least come to feel it.

“Uncle Lampard, these kids are the long term of Chambord, if the academy requirements anything at all, just let uncle Bast know, tell him that it really is my buy……” Fei looked at the kids as if a rabbit had witnessed carrots he rubbed his chin and smiled, “I’ve received to allow these kid develop up swiftly.”

Lampard nodded as he smiled. He thought for a moment and mentioned, “Your Majesty, the academy has every little thing it requirements except for great teachers and vitality coaching scrolls. Some of these kids have fantastic talent, and their talent attributes are solid. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth – all five vitality attributes exists among them, and a few of them are very good candidates for novice mages. It is as well undesirable that there are limited power education scrolls in Chambord. In complete, there are total 4 or five energy instruction scrolls, but they are only 1 to two star ranked, and they are only for water and fire energy. Brook and I both have water vitality, so……”

Fei understood.

The limited educational sources had been an problem.

There had been a good deal of professions on Azeroth Continent, and there have been a ton of instruction techniques. Everybody had a distinct physique variety and distinct talent attributes. The only way to train and enhance their power was to train making use of the same attributed energy scroll or magic scroll particular to every single individual if a single utilised the incorrect attribute scroll, it wouldn’t improve one’s strength, and it could also injure oneself.

“Allow me take care of this!”

Fei said goodbye to Lampard and identified Gordon-Brook who was training a bunch of women. Due to the fact girls’ bodies have been a bit weaker, Fei did not require them to train as difficult as the boys. During spare time, they have been educated on straightforward military understanding by Brook. This was the area that Brook was great at. Although he was not spectacular, he was ample to enlighten them with the fundamentals.

However, this predicament produced Fei aware of the relevance of teachers for the academy.

Fei spotted Louise-Pierce’s daughter-between all the girls. The woman was even prettier after the straightforward every day cleaning rituals. Her icy temperament was the purpose why Fei was capable to spot her in a group of more than forty ladies. The ladies surrounded him and he was only able to get out after telling a couple of stories. He then called Brook aside and planned a number of factors.

Soon after listening to Fei, Brook was amazed.

“Your Majesty, is this real……”

“It does not matter if it’s true or not, from now on, send a lot more soldiers to boost the investigation efforts. For people who dare to trigger difficulty, it isn’t going to matter who they are, lock them up in the [Minor Black House]…… keep in mind, specifically for people who are new and odd to us, investigate and hold close eyes on them. If they will not stick to our rules, kick them out of the kingdom.”

Fei was harsh this time.

The tense environment at the residence of the Royal Coronation Legion gave Fei a negative feeling. Chambord may possibly be underneath fantastic danger, and this danger might be better than what Chambord could defend against. It may well even be higher than the disastrous predicament that the black armoured troops put Chambord beneath.

Brook accepted Fei’s buy and turned around to inform the soldiers right up until…

“Wait……” Fei called him suddenly, after a minute of silence, he mentioned, “Also, tell the soldiers to preserve the guard up and be far more alert. Improve their guard shifts in the course of the two the day and evening. Also, notify the citizens that if the scenario gets bad, they should be rapid and leave the castle to hide temporarily.”

Brook’s encounter modified shade. Soon after hearing such a command, he really sensed the severity of the concern.

“Go, let’s hope that it truly is just me contemplating as well significantly.”



When Fei left the Chambord Civil and Military Academy, there weren’t a great deal of men and women on the streets.

Fei rode [Black Tornado], the giant dog and headed back in the path of King’s Palace. This huge black puppy was very intelligent. It walked gradually, and Fei was sitting on it pondering about all the issues that he encountered nowadays. He wanted to think every little thing by way of and uncover some clues, but he wasn’t able find any. He felt that a dark shadow had enveloped Chambord, but he wasn’t capable to tell where the danger came from and why there would even be danger.

Fei’s eyebrows abruptly rose.

He sensed danger, as if he was targeted by a vicious beast. A deadly sensation locked onto him, as if a knife was pointed at his back.

“Is a person following me?” Fei believed. His face didn’t present anything at all, as he lightly tapped the big black puppy below his crutch.

This beast was nearly also intelligent. It instantly understood Fei, and with out any signal, it quietly transformed instructions and headed to a back alley that was almost empty.

This back alley was near to the dump in Chambord. The air smelled genuinely poor, and mice and cockroaches were all over the place. Fei rode [Black Tornado]deep into the back alley, jumped off, patted its head to tell it to go aside and then stood there.

After a lot more than 10 seconds.

An orange, yellowish flame flashed in the dark back alley. Wherever this flame flashed, the mud, walls, and rocks all seemed to melt and became thick. Then, some thing wonderful occurred. A yellow human figure appeared from the wall. Following the flame went away, the yellow figure turned into a tall, robust guy, and he stood in front of Fei.

“You intentionally led me right here, didn’t you?”

A joking expression appeared on the man’s face. In the dark back alley, his tall figure seemed to isolate Fei from the outdoors globe. His body emitted a sense of power as his eyes locked onto Fei. He did not hide his murderous intent a single bit.