Xinghe had thought about telling him that the energy crystal is with Xi Mubai and by sending him at Mubai, he could trace the assassin back to her, but she didn’t dare take the risk.

This man and his team were capable enough to assassinate Ye Shen in jail, and kidnap her without even leaving behind any trace. Mubai might be able to fend for himself, but what about Lin Lin?

Therefore, no matter what, Xinghe couldn’t raise his suspicion towards the Xi Family.

Xinghe reached this conclusion in her mind in a matter of seconds.

Of course, this didn’t show on her face. Instead she asked the man before her, “Hence, do you think I would use my life to protect a thing that is of no value to me?”

The man gave an evil smile. “Who knows, you might know that, although the thing is of no value to you, it will be of great value to some other people! It could be traded for riches that could last you multiple lifetimes so it is not surprising that you’re willing to protect it with your life.”

“You are such a contradictory person, confident in your ability and yet paranoiac of everyone and everything.”

“What did you say‽” Xinghe’s words seemed to have struck a nerve because his eyes turned murderously cold. Chapter 318: Nightmare

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe raised her eyes and the man felt exposed – like she was seeing into his soul.

“Am I wrong?”

The man narrowed his eyes. “I’m impressed. You are not only brave in the face of death but also have quite a mouth on you!”

However, the scariest thing was she had the perceptive mind to back her words up, she wasn’t just prattling on out of fear. In just a few exchanges, she had read his personality. He had to admit, this woman was something else, which made it even harder for him to believe the thing was not with her.

The man took a short step forward and aimed the gun at her forehead.

His voice made Xinghe’s skin crawl. “I will ask you one more time, where is the thing?”

Xinghe looked into his face. At this close proximity, she finally got a clear view of her abductor. The man was tall, fit, and was blessed with perfect features.

His looks could rival Mubai’s, but the biggest difference between the two was their eyes.

Mubai’s eyes were always calm and focused. They spoke of self-assurance that could accommodate the whole world. In contrast, this man’s eyes kept darting around alertly. They spoke of deep rooted paranoia. Xinghe knew this kind of person was mostly cold-blooded and would do anything to achieve their goal.

Xinghe gave him a slow once-over, before adding, “Before you kill me, shouldn’t you at least tell me your name? At least let me who shall I haunt after I die.”

The man smiled chillingly. “Looks like you’re prepared to die by my hands.”

“Is there another choice?”

“Very well, then I shall fulfill your wish!” The man pulled on the trigger.

“You still haven’t given me your name.” Even at a time like this, Xinghe was scarily composed.

He answered, “You don’t deserve to know my name!”

A gunshot rang in the silence of the night!

“Xia Xinghe-“

Mubai woke up from his nightmare, breaking with cold sweat. He looked around a bit confusedly and realized he had fallen asleep in his study.

It was six in the morning. He had been searching for Xinghe since her disappearance yesterday but until now, there had been no news…

Frustration caused him to sweep the documents on his table away violently!

The papers fluttered down the room like snow.

Mubai couldn’t get himself back to sleep so he walked over to the other villa in the Xi family’s old mansion.

He walked upstairs to stand in front of a room. The nurse on duty saw him and came to enquire, “Mr. Xi, why are you here so early in the morning? Is there anything I can help you with?”

“How has she been doing lately?” he asked casually.

The nurse knew who he referred to and she answered truthfully, “Miss Xia has been giving her full cooperation. She does everything we ask her to.”

Mubai nodded and pushed the door open.

Xia Meng, who had heard the commotion, was already in a seated position when he walked in. Her expression became slightly guarded and nervous. “Mr. Xi, do you have any business with me?”

Mubai stared at her but he felt nothing within.

The face that stared back at him was definitely Xinghe’s but Mubai couldn’t recognize her. Xinghe’s essence was missing and the woman before him might as well be a complete stranger.

A crucial part of her was missing, and he swore to find it back to restore the complete Xia Xinghe! Chapter 319: She Didn’t Beg For Mercy!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Mubai stared at Xia Meng emotionlessly and the latter started to get anxious. Suddenly, he said, “I’m here only to tell you that I will procure a good body for you to inhabit after the research is over.”

Xia Meng was surprised. She didn’t expect he would personally come to tell her this.

“But in exchange, you must promise me to take good care of Xinghe’s body. If not, I will not hesitate to keep the body in suspension against your will, do you understand?” Mubai asked coldly.

Xia Meng nodded somewhat blankly. “I understand.”

“Very good.” After he got the answer he wanted, Mubai turned to leave.

Xia Meng was curious, he came all the way just to tell her that? For some reasons, the girl felt something bigger was afoot…

empereur tribal However, it didn’t seem to concern her. As long as she remained in Xinghe’s body, at least Mubai would not let any fatal harm come her way. Nevertheless, she knew the protectiveness he had towards her was directed at Xinghe’s body and not her. In fact, she was certain that, if necessary, he would sacrifice her without a second thought to protect Xinghe should the situation came to that. She was a minor inconvenience that just so happened to hold Xinghe’s body hostage.

For some reason, that knowledge upset Xia Meng. Once more, she started to get envious of Xinghe because she knew no man would ever treat her like Mubai treated Xinghe.

Back in the dimly-lit room, Xinghe moved her body that was all curled up on the bed.

Her body was drenched with sweat, soaking into the mattress. Her body was incredibly weak, the smallest movement would drain her of all energy.

Xinghe didn’t expect that after evading death, there was a bigger torture that awaited her.

Yesterday, the man averted the gun barrel at the last moment. The bullet grazed her temple and eventually lodged into the wall behind her.

However, the man shot her up with drugs. According to the man, the drug would activate every night, causing excruciating pain, a pain so intense that one would prefer death to get it over with.

Xinghe realized the man wasn’t lying. She had suffered through the pain the entire night. If not for her personal experience, she wouldn’t have known such a scary drug existed in the real world.

However, she didn’t beg for mercy!

Yes, the pain was unbearable but she didn’t surrender; she knew that was what the man was waiting for, to force her to reveal the location of the energy crystal.

The fact that Xinghe really didn’t know the location aside, even if she did, she wouldn’t have told the man.

No one could threaten her; she would rather suffer through the torture than give him the satisfaction. At worst, she would die with the knowledge and his trail would die with her.

The room door was slowly pushed open and the man walked in…

He looked at Xinghe struggling and he said in amusement, “I’m surprised you still won’t give up. The drug I gave you has broken even the toughest military man.”

Xinghe leveled him a cold stare. “If you’re here to take my life, do it quickly. I tire of this conversation with you.”

ISEKAI Chunni with SYSTEM The man chuckled mirthlessly. “Looks like I’ve underestimated your stubbornness.”

To be honest, Xinghe had completely impressed this man. He initially thought some scares and torture could get Xinghe to yield because she was a woman. However, even after such an intense torment, she was still unmovable…

That greatly surprised the man.

However, no one was able to survive his torture skills, so he took it on as his personal mission to break Xinghe.

“Miss Xia, yesterday’s torment was just the beginning. You’d better reconsider your options. If you’re willing to reveal everything to me then I will give you a shot through your heart. A fair trade, isn’t it?” Chapter 320: Xia Meng, I Will Remember You

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The man’s choice boiled down to die now or die later; it was despicable and cruel. The man’s willingness to toy with another human being’s life would qualify him as a demon! He had no respect for the sanctity of life!

Xinghe stared coldly at him. Even after a night of veritable torture, her pride remained intact. There was nothing in the world that was going to bring her down.

“My life is in your hands anyway, so do as you please,” Xinghe said without fear, “But I must warn you, if I’m somehow still alive after all this, you’ll regret it for as long as you may live!”

After all, she was no saint. How could she possibly forgive the man who had not only tortured her but also came for her life?

The man was surprised. Xinghe was not cowed by his torture but still had the audacity to threaten him in return.

“Quite the talker.”

He tutted with derision, not at all phased by Xinghe’s threat, then again, why would he be?

“Lady, as you’ve said, your life is in my hands. Wouldn’t it benefit you to cooperate with me? Are you that unafraid of death?”

“You’re the one that should be afraid if death doesn’t claim me,” Xinghe cautioned as she looked him in the eye.


Her lips curled into a smirk. “You’ll see.”

The man’s face darkened. “Looks like you haven’t received your lesson from yesterday’s torture. Never mind, because there hasn’t been a person on Earth that I was unable to break!”

“You’re looking at one right now,” Xinghe taunted.

The man suddenly pulled on her chin and looked at her with amusement. “You dare to talk back to me at a time like this? Lady, credit is where credit is due, you are one impressive woman, definitely one of a kind.”

“You are also the first man who’s ever dared to treat me this way; alas, this means that you won’t live for too long,” Xinghe responded with an equally lofty tone.

The man was taken aback once more and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Interesting, really interesting! But you know what, breaking individuals such as yourself is my favorite pastime, so please do not disappoint me.”

“You will not be disappointed.” Xinghe’s pair of clear and intrepid eyes stared at him.

For some reason, the man felt Xinghe’s eyes were incredibly beautiful. They were clear like a mirror, reflective of humanity’s ugliness and beauty and yet losing none of its own beauty.

It was a pity killing such a marvelous woman; it was a shame she had fallen into his hands…

“Xia Meng, is it? I will remember your name after you die,” said the man before he left.

Even though he was impressed by Xinghe, the torture never ceased. He didn’t send Xinghe any food or water for the whole day.

Xinghe spent the whole day in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness.

She had tried to figure a way out but the room that she was kept in was tough, and there was a guard outside her door at every minute of the day. She was too weak to put up a fight. She had no way to send for help.

Perhaps she might really perish there. Xinghe was not afraid of death because, at the end of the day, the body was not hers. However, she was going to persevere because she refused to let this man who put her through such torture survive! She needed her whole memory intact so she could take revenge against this man after she got out of there! Chapter 321: Xinghe’s Suicide

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Alas, her hope for survival was so dim. The only thing she could do was to commit to a bet!

As the plan formed in Xinghe’s mind, the drug in her body started working.

Pain shot through every part of her body, her internal organs felt like they were repeatedly stabbed by knives. The intensity of the pain slowly escalated…

Xinghe let slip of a groan before gritting her teeth to silently suffer through the pain. It was like her body was being chopped apart. The pain was more heightened compared to yesterday. Perhaps her fatigue had amplified the sensation of pain…

Xinghe clenched her teeth tightly and sweat started pouring out of her every pore. Her body shook violently and her face was scarily white.