These two groups of people were in real stranger dresses. They were moving slowly, and every one of them was calm and concentrated while walking in big strides.

It seemed that those great superior cultivators in front of them were just nothing.

They treated these men who could shake the whole world by only stamping on the floor as light as air.

There was a sedan among them.

There were eight men carrying it. Four of them were in white on the left, while the other four in black on the right.

The men from the two great sects half-closed their eyes. One of them who stood in front made a weird laugh and said, “Who is it? How dare you tell us to wait when we, the Sunlight Sect, is trying to get in the salesroom? How dare you!”

Those people were still moving over slowly like they didn’t hear him at all.

An old master from the Starlight Sect looked at that man from the Sunlight Sect with disdain. He was thinking, [Look how you were ignored while speaking! You, the Sunlight Sect, doesn’t have enough influence! Watch me!]

He spoke loudly, “Halt! I am Li Wanchun from the Starlight Sect!”

Actually, he didn’t have any influence at all either!

The two lines of people were still moving gradually; they didn’t even change the speed of their steps!

They heard it, but they ignored it.

Li Wanchun was angry. He was just about to talk and shout at them, but he suddenly saw a token flying out from the sedan. A cold voice sounded clearly, “Get off!”

The token floated and moved over in the air as if there were invisible hands holding it.

The sun shined on the token.

It suddenly emitted thousands of rays of lights in an unbelievable way. After that, the shapes of four words showed up on the doors of the salesroom. A fierce, powerful, dominating vigor was shown along with it.

Everybody felt that astonishing and irresistible vigor!

It felt like this vigor could suppress everything in the world!

The crowd was shocked. When the crowd saw the four words, silence assumed its reign.

Two of the words on the left door were “The Chaos” while the one on the right were “The Storm”. Between the four words, there was a tiny storied building forming up in the air.

It was a small building, but it was grandiose; it made people feel humble.

The House of the Chaotic Storm!

The world’s No. 1 house!

Nobody dared to say anything when they knew who it was-not even the two great sects.

Looking at the four words, at the fake but seemingly real building, at the token in the air, at the two lines of men, and at the sedan among them, their eyes were full of fear and respect.

The token only stayed in the air for a while before it slowly flew back.

However, the four words didn’t disappear right away. They stayed longer while the sunlight shined on them. Slowly, it covered the whole front side of Ling-Bao Hall…

When the token was back to the sedan, the words disappeared.

It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropped to the floor could be heard clearly.

Someone in the sedan coughed and spoke, “What a lovely day. Cough. Who told us to stop just now?”

The voice was clear and loud. It was a girl.

People in the crowd all looked at Li Wanchun all of a sudden.

At the moment, from rosy and vigorous, Li Wanchun’s face had turned into purple color. He deliberately laughed, “Hahaha… That is a mistake. Just a mistake. Li Wanchun didn’t know it is you who is coming… May I ask which lady is this sitting in the sedan?”

No one answered in the sedan. Only someone humphed lightly and spoke coldly, “Get in!”

The sedan was raised up again. The two lines were still standing in lines as they moved to the salesroom. The eight men who carried the sedan actually got in Ling-Bao Hall with the sedan on their shoulders!

She actually ignored Li Wanchun.

She didn’t reply.

Maybe she just didn’t want to, or maybe she felt it disdainful to do so!

Under the watch of all those great superior cultivators’ eyes, Li Wanchun felt like he had just been slapped hard on his face. The feeling of shame almost blow up his chest.

However, he couldn’t show anything; he didn’t dare to. He had to keep smiling and let them get in first, and he even had to slightly bow to them.

Li Wanchun stared at the floor.

He didn’t want anybody to find out the viciousness in his eyes.

He couldn’t keep his eyes closed, so he stared at the floor with his head lowered. He didn’t dare to look at the others.

People from the Sunlight Sect gloatingly looked at him.

[Show me how you show off!

Show me how you act arrogant!

Show me how you dare to mess with us!

Now what? Didn’t you kick on a hard and burning plate of iron? Look at your stupid face… It makes me happy. Hahaha… We are disgraced too. That’s true. But you are worse. We are at least in a better situation than you. You have to pretend to be happy about being ashamed. Pah…]

However, Li Wanchun was not the worst one.

In the crowd of the eight noble clans, there were a few of them lowering their heads like Li Wanchun. Their necks were covered by sweat, and it soaked their collars. They seemed to be in a panic.

They were exactly people from the Mu Clan.

In the last auction, people from Mu Clan offended Xiu of Heavens from the House of the Chaotic Storm. Over a hundred of them got killed…

The Mu Clan always wanted to send their apology, yet they couldn’t. They were either shut out of the door or couldn’t even find the door to the House of the Chaotic Storm.

Now, it was another auction.

It was the House of the Chaotic Storm again…

The three men who were sent to attend the auction from the Mu Clan felt weak on their legs…

They were unlucky.

In another clan, there was a young man asking with a low voice, “House of the Chaotic Storm… What is it?”

He had just finished the question when an old man beside him slapped his hand on his mouth to shut him up. Sweat trickled down the old man’s forehead as his body began to quiver.

He slapped too hard that the young man nearly died choking.

[Oh my bloody young master… What you just said is really…]

… Chapter 280: Suppression!

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Obviously, none of the people from the House of the Chaotic Storm paid attention to them; they just solemnly moved forward, with not a single one of them looking back.

After a while, the old man let go off the young man; the young man was breathless and gasping.

“Do not say anything stupid!” The old man’s voice was shaking when he was speaking.

Lots of people around them looked at them as if they were looking at some fools.

[There actually are such stupid men in their clan… I guess we should stay away to them…]

The greeting team of the Ling-Bao Hall hadn’t come out yet, but people from the House of the Chaotic Storm already got in.

They were truly in a high position, and they were served much better!

Wan Zhenghao showed up at the door. He reached his hand and bowed to greet them, “Please come in, my honorable guests…”

He had no choice now.

He had been thinking about using the greeting team to buy some time for Ye Xiao, but now he couldn’t!

Nobody would want a greeting team from him!

The House of the Chaotic Storm didn’t have greeting team there, so nobody else dared to have it.

Whoever dared to must have been too bold to live.

What if the House of the Chaotic Storm asked, “Was it good being greeted?”

Nobody would have a good answer for that; that would be a question that smelled like death…

Wan Zhenghao had arranged a greeting team to buy some time, but now he couldn’t use it…

The crowd was rushing in.

Nobody talked; they were like students in the classroom while their teacher was there!

They were actually more quiet than students!

They didn’t even dare to make any sound while breathing.

Everybody regretted, [God damn it! If I knew the House of the Chaotic Storm would come, I wouldn’t be here… Now I feel so uncomfortable…]

The arrival of the House of the Chaotic Storm had cooled down the atmosphere.

Normally, people would greet people they knew in the auction, but not this time. It felt like everyone was pushing the auction to start right away.

After a while, all of them were seated.

At the moment, the only sound was from the stage. Guan Wanshan was talking, and everyone else sat straight in their seats; nobody responded. Nobody even asked any questions.

Of the three rooms upstairs, in the Sky No. 1 Room, eight men in white stood on the left, while eight men in black stood on the right; they were all expressionless.

The Sky No. 1 Room was covered by a layer of silk; it seemed to be floating.

That layer of silk seemed to have separated the room from the auction.

After a few minutes, the auction had finally began.

Wan Zhenghao didn’t have any means to stop it!

The Feng Monarch hadn’t shown up yet.

Wang Zhenghao knew that he had to start the auction, and so increasingly grew anxious.

Because the House of the Chaotic Storm arrived, the auction would be quiet and nobody would dare to make any trouble.

It was very likely that the auction would proceed well!

Even the two great sects didn’t dare to mess with the House of the Chaotic Storm.

However, they would surely dare to mess with the Ling-Bao Hall.