It was only necessary for Chen Xiaobei to accumulate as much luck as possible.

“So, what do you say? Are you going to get lost or are you going to fight me?”

With one hand still holding the deer and the other grasping the black saber, Chen Xiaobei approached Fu Ziyun.

“I…” Fu Ziyun gulped. He could feel very clearly, experience the overbearing aura coming from Chen Xiaobei.

This aura had nothing to do with cultivation or age; it was solely built on a person’s mental strength.

Fu Ziyun felt as if a primordial ancient beast was glaring at him, ready to tear him into pieces.

“Huh… Let’s go…” Fu Ziyun turned away.

Chen Xiaobei paid no heed to him but turned his gaze towards the entrance of the tent and said, “I’ve come so submit my catch! Am I late?”

“No, no, no… Please come in! Come in!” The middle-aged men who had been watching nodded and bowed, before inviting Chen Xiaobei in. Inside the tent.

The person in charge of the competition came to meet Chen Xiaobei personally – he was exceptionally cordial.

After a series of registrations, the man handed Chen Xiaobei a piece of token made out of bronze with the words ‘Saint Duke’ etched on it.

“Please bring this token with you, and you can travel to Saint Duke’s capital planet to join the actual martial arts contest, sir.” The man said politely.

“Mm, is there anything else? If not, I shall take my leave!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“You can deal with this deer at your own discretion!” The man said.

“Okay.” Chen Xiaobei nodded and then transfused three torrents of Ethereal Force into the deer.


The stag gasped for breath and was soon awake.


Sensing something amiss in its environment, the Cloud-riding Golden Antlers Deer sprung instinctively onto its feet and bolted out of the tent, vanishing from sight.

This stag was astonishingly swift, akin to an elite at the peak of Ethereal Force.

The man stared after the vanishing stag, incredulous. “Ahh… Why did you release it? That stag is very strong! Once it’s domesticated, it would make an excellent mount! Then anyone below God-Ascension won’t be able to catch you!”

His fellow colleagues all seemed to share his sentiment that Chen Xiaobei had suffered a loss by letting the deer go.

But Chen Xiaobei answered indifferently, “To me, I wouldn’t consider that very fast!”

After that, Chen Xiaobei left the camp grounds, leaving the man and his colleagues stunned.

While none of them said it out loud, they all felt the same way about Chen Xiaobei’s response – he was too stuck-up! His combat power was only 200,000 yet he had the nerve to claim that the magical deer was too slow for him!

What they did not know was that under Bei Xuan, there were four God-Ascension cultivation demigod level Beast Kings. Any one of them could have easily overtaken the Cloud-riding Golden Antlers Deer.

Even if Chen Xiaobei wanted an animal to mount, it would at least have to be at a God-Ascension level and above – not lower!

Having left the camp grounds, Chen Xiaobei made a speedy return to Boulder capital city.

Of course, for the sake of Bro Huo’s safety, Chen Xiaobei made no attempt to contact him.

With the token, no one was allowed to refuse him. He went through a special portal that led directly to Saint Duke Imperial City.

Since this place was at the very core of the starfield, the war had yet to spread here.

Majestic fortresses and bustling streets.

There were all sorts of people from different starfields and of different races.

Some were driving flying vehicles, while others were riding Spiritual Beasts. It all seemed very futuristic and dreamlike.

Chen Xiaobei felt as if he had entered a whole new world – everything was foreign and unfamiliar.

Of course, because he was in a rush, Chen Xiaobei did not hang around. Instead, he followed the directory next to the portal and found the usher in charge of receiving competitors.

He was a harrowingly thin middle-aged man, with a protruding mouth, a chin like an ape, and beady eyes which made him look somewhat unkind.

Chen Xiaobei went up to the man and greeted him, “How are you? This is my token.”

“You’re the tenth person?” The skinny slit-eyed man grabbed the token and said, “I’m the person in charge of welcoming the competitors from the elimination round, Liu Zijian! You can call me Master Jian!”

“Mm,” Chen Xiaobei nodded but did not address him.

Valkyrie Liu Zijian narrowed his eyes at Chen Xiaobei, obviously displeased. Then he raised his hand towards Chen Xiaobei, rubbing his thumb against the rest of his fingers.

“What does that mean?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“We’re all adults here! There’s no need act like you don’t know!” Liu Zijian rubbed his fingers again, and said a raspy voice. “The nine competitors before you all brought gifts. Don’t tell me you didn’t!”

Chen Xiaobei frowned. “I didn’t!”

If Liu Zijian had done his job well, Chen Xiaobei would not have minded giving him a little something nice, but this Liu Zijian did nothing at all and was already asking for something upon first encounter. He even wanted to be called master! There was no way in hell that Chen Xiaobei was going to play along!

“You… How dare you refuse to give me face!” Liu Zijian had not expected Chen Xiaobei to reject him head-on.

Chen Xiaobei answered, “I do have a lot of Spiritual Stones on me. You just need to give me one reason why I should give you face!”

“I…” Liu Zijian faltered.

First, he had no status to speak of and second, he did not have any actual authority – he was just a small-time usher!

He had taken the opportunity to bully the competitors who were not from the imperial city. Since this was their first time there, uninformed of the rules and afraid to offend anyone, they compliantly gave him ‘gifts’.

The nine competitors who came before Chen Xiaobei were all intimidated by Liu Zijian, and were forced to produce presents to him.

But Liu Zijuan did not receive a single thing from Chen Xiaobei. Instead, he had his nose rubbed in dirt.

“If you can’t even give me one reason, then please refrain from wishful thinking. Do your part well, and avoid bringing trouble to yourself!” Chen Xiaobei cautioned.

“Kid, you are too presumptuous! I will remember you!” Liu Zijian peered at him. “Come! I’ll bring you to your living quarters!”

Liu Zijian led the way, taking long strides.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Ethereal Cultivation; Lifespan: 1,087 years; Health: 180,000; Combat power 180,000]

As he followed behind, Chen Xiaobei checked out Liu Zijian’s cultivation and was secretly shocked.

180,000 combat power meant nothing much to Chen Xiaobei, but for a nobody, an usher being able have a cultivation as such was shocking!

Imagine how much stronger the first-rate elites of Saint Duke were!

Chen Xiaobei made a mental note to be vigilant in this unfamiliar territory rife with powerful elites; every move had to be made with precaution and he had to tread lightly.

They soon arrived at the living quarters.

It was a private villa with a well-tended garden, comfortable and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy downtown.

“This is where you’ll be staying!” Liu Zijian snorted, and walked away, not bothering to say another word to Chen Xiaobei.

Chen Xiaobei could not care less for him either, and headed straight for the villa.

Once inside the garden, Chen Xiaobei was on high alert, carefully examining the place before entering the house.

Liu Zijian was just the kind of people who was annoying to deal with!

He had just offended Liu Zijian, so it was only necessary to be careful, just in case.

However, after a through inspection, Chen Xiaobei did not find anything unusual.

“Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much…” Chen Xiaobei shrugged, relaxing a little as he entered the house.

“After a day of troubles, I can finally have a good rest.” Chen Xiaobei pushed open the door and walked into the living room.

The moment he walked in, Chen Xiaobei was greeted with an unexpected sight – right there in the living room was a young person in a nightgown.

“AHHHHHH!” The person screamed.

Chen Xiaobei just stared, too shocked to react. “Ah!!!”

The scream was still ongoing.

“We are all men! Is it even necessary to shout so loud?”

Chen Xiaobei frowned, turned around, and he saw a teenager in his pajamas. His hair was short and looked a tad energetic. Besides, Chen Xiaobei noticed that a crimson coiling dragon tattoo on his left arm. Supposedly, he had the makings of a tough man but the way he screamed had made him look like a sissy!

“Damn! He doesn’t even have an adam’s apple! Plus, there is something wrong with his chest! He’s pretending to be a man!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“You asshole! I’m going to kill you!”

The lady finally stopped screaming. Immediately, she turned around, took a long robe, and put it on her. She then lifted up her fist and came charging at Chen Xiaobei.

“So, you are in fact a woman…” said Chen Xiaobei, shocked.

This woman had a perfect symmetrical face and perfectly crafted facial features. Though she was skinny, she was still rather attractive. Right now, her eyes were a like a pair of knives; aiming squarely at Chen Xiaobei.


She was about to land her fist on Chen Xiaobei’s head.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Ethereal cultivation. Lifespan: 5,633. Health: 200,000. Unspoken Words Combat power: 200,000!]


Chen Xiaobei was shocked to find out that the woman that he was checking had a ridiculous amount of lifespan. He was wondering if there was something wrong with his Netherspirit Battlescouter.


At the same time, the sound of a dragon roaring could be heard coming out her fists. The coiled up dragon tattoo on her body started to ignite a flame! The fire was so flaming hot that all the furniture around her was burnt to ashes within seconds.

“Such a pure fire element attack!”

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei activated his Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement technique to communicate with a water element to form his attack.


Chen Xiaobei swung his fist and a water dragon was summoned to counteract the fire dragon that was charging at him.


The water and fire dragons collided into each other. The aftershock that ensued was so powerful that the entire house was decimated and a terrifying crack was formed on the ground.

“This little lady is so damn powerful!”

Chen Xiaobei was forced to take three steps back to stabilize himself.