Fei slowly licked the blood that was on his lips. This action made the assassin tremble even more; Fei looked like a bloodthirsty demon from hell.

“It’s now my turn. Let me ask you, dumbass. Can you still be that arrogant?”

A sharp green sword was placed by the assassin’s neck; it was so sharp that it had cut into the assassin’s neck a little without applying any force.

All of the assassin’s courage disappeared.

He started to shiver uncontrollably. As an assassin, he had tortured and killed numerous people using his claws; he had nicknamed himself the representative of the Grim Reaper. But when he was so close to death, he was scared like a little girl as he begged, “Ahhhhhhh, no, please…… spare me……please……”

But before he could finish, the green blade had begun to cut into his skin.

He could even feel a cold sensation passing through his skin, muscle, blood vessels and bones. He wanted to struggle, scream, beg for forgiveness, and whine……However, the cruel demon in front of him didn’t give him the chance. The process was slow and long. He even felt the blade cutting through his neck. Then, he saw a body without a head and blood spurted out of his neck……

He saw a headless body in a white cloak falling to the ground, and the blood stained the soil.

That was his body.

The crowd was stunned.

Although they had seen numerous enemies and peers die in front of them today, the scene still shocked their nerves, especially when Fei slowly beheaded the assassin in white who was a four-star warrior, a warrior that could dictate their lives. Fei beheaded him as if he was a chicken. The spurting blood dyed the color of the sky and the sun red.

The crowd felt the anger of this king.

Unbearable anger.

Even the eldest princess and Paris who were calm and collected changed their expressions. They asked themselves, “Did I wake up a demon by accident?”

Scavenging birds that surrounded the peak of Eastern Mountain like dark clouds had also felt the murderous intent coming from this one person. They called in a high pitch, but they were scared; they didn’t dare to land onto the ground.

Except for the bird calls, the only sounds on the peak of Eastern Mountain were the sounds of breathing.

“Oh? Killed another one. Eh, I’m feeling a little bit better.”

Fei cleaned the blood off his blade by using the bottom of his shoes. He rubbed his chin in satisfaction as he smiled; the people could see his pearl white teeth. The detached arm of the assassin was still stabbed in his chest. As he moved, he frowned as if the pain caused some inconvenience for him. But what he did next even scared everyone on the peak of Eastern Mountain.

Fei grabbed onto that arm and pulled the iron claw with back hooks on it directly out of his body. Pieces of flesh and blood were stuck on it; there were even white pieces of chipped bones. If it was any other person, the amount of pain would make them faint, but they didn’t see any painful expression on this little king’s face.

This movement immediately gave some people a chill.

“Ahhhhh! Demon! He is a demon!”

Among all the emissaries on Paris’ side, a guard suddenly cried as if he saw an undead demon. He turned around and rushed away as if he wanted to escape this living hell. But after he ran for four or five yards, something unimaginable happened.

Boom! Splat!

A series of white and extremely bright lightning strikes appeared from the ground. The enormous current travelled through the guard’s body, and he was turned into a large piece of black charcoal.

“God! That …… is lightning magic trap!” Someone yelled in surprise.

A big smile appeared on Fei’s face. He didn’t hide his proud expression as he said, “Hahaha, that’s right, it’s a magic trap. Do you guys think that I don’t know how to do anything except play dead? Hahaha, the entire peak of Eastern Mountain is filled with magic traps. If anyone dares to move, he or she will be turned into a piece of charcoal just like that dumbass!” Chapter 125: I have to talk to my wife

After Fei said that, the people on the peak of Eastern Mountain were terrified.

Magic traps were not simple things that anyone could get. Only mages who were at least four star ranked could create them. On top of that, it would take a lot of magic power and a ton of precious magic materials. The reason why they were so rare was that the success rate was very low. However, once a magic trap was created, its power could not be underestimated. If it was used properly, it could deal the same kind damage as a full strike of the mage who created the trap.

According to legends, moon and sun ranked warriors and mages had been trapped and killed by powerful god tier magic traps. According to even more ancient tales, the magic traps that were set up by the mages at the demi-god level had killed even immortal gods during the war between the gods and the demons.

Plus, anything that had something to do with the word “trap” was closely related with things that were mysterious, cruel, sudden, sneaky, evil, tricky, and more. Genius mages had invented all kinds of unthinkable magic traps. Among the top assassinations on the Azeroth Continent, nine of them had to do with magic traps.

Therefore, after hearing Fei say that magic traps were placed around the peak of Eastern Mountain, everyone got scared, including the eldest princess and Paris.

But soon, some people got back to their senses.

“Impossible, how could you afford so many magic traps? You are only a level six affiliated kingdom. Don’t even think about placing magic traps around here. I don’t think you can even afford one magic item if you sold your entire Chambord Kingdom.”

“Haha, yeah. You placed magic traps around the peak of Eastern Mountain? Who are you trying to scare?”

“I think he is a little crazy……”

“After getting injured so severely and bleeding so much, this little king is about to die. He is losing his mind. He doesn’t know what he is talking about……”

The princes and emissaries from Shanui and Chata Kingdom made fun of Fei one after another. They were trying to please Paris, but they were also trying to boost their own courage. They were really scared by Fei’s prior actions.

“You bunch of fools. If you don’t believe me, you can go and try it out!” Fei sneered.

These magic traps were placed around the peak of Eastern Mountain after he switched to [Assassin Mode]. There were at least 50 to 60 of them. They were all fire and lightning attribute magic traps. Although they used up a lot of Fei’s mana, they were relatively easy to set up; they didn’t cost any precious magic materials at all. This didn’t follow the understanding of the people on Azeroth Continent, but none of them knew.

“Hahaha, I will try!”

Some people were less cautious. It was a one star earth attribute warrior who spoke. He was the henchman of Prince Layo from Shanui Kingdom. After getting the prince’s approval, he walked out and headed to the exit. He was sly; he didn’t choose the direction that the poor guard who was turned to charcoal chose. He headed in another direction.

However –


After a few steps, a cloud of burning fire appeared under the ground. It swallowed this arrogant guard immediately. After a few screams, he turned into a pile of ash in the fire. His one star warrior energy didn’t help him too much. He was almost instantly killed.

The red flame was very demon-like; it was burning as if it could ignite the air. After the guard was burned to ash, his weapon and armour were burnt into a pot of iron liquid and soon evaporated. The temperature of the flame was so high that it was definitely a real magic flame.

“How could it be???”

“Damn, it really is a fire magic trap……”

“Oh my god, so is everything he said true?”

Immediately, the princes who were laughing at Fei the most shut their mouths. They stared at the magic flame as if it was from hell. “So there are actually magic traps. This little king was honest……” they all thought.

Prince Layo from Shanui Kingdom was especially dumbfounded. He was planning to test the route himself to prove Fei wrong; fortunately for him, he suddenly decided to let his personal guard test it first. Otherwise, the person who was burnt to ashes would be him.

Fei sneered as he glanced around; his expression told the people on Paris’ side that he didn’t view them as threats.

Paris had realized something by this point already. Her pretty eyes scanned the ground inch by inch, but human eyes weren’t able to detect magic traps; she couldn’t even detect it with her special energy searching technique. That was the scary characteristic of magic traps – before they were triggered, people couldn’t find them without special techniques.

Paris waved her hand at the assassin in yellow. The assassin who was using a blade understood the signal. He jumped up as he swung his blade; a dash of blue water attribute energy that was six or seven yards long left his blade and flew toward one direction.

Boom! Boom!

Brawl! Brawl!

Many magic traps that were five or six yards away were triggered as the dash of energy passed through them. In an instant, clouds of burning fire and dashes of lighting appeared out of nowhere and started to head over to the assassin. The assassin used his water attribute energy and created a shield around him. However, the power of the lightning and fire was so strong that the shield made from the four-star warrior energy shattered. He was injured and backed off messily.

At this point, everyone on the peak of Eastern Mountain realized the situation that they were in.

That scene clearly proved everything the little king said. Although this king had a bloody hole in his chest that was almost see through, he in fact did secretly place numerous highly damaging magic traps around the terrain. With these many traps, people who were not at the four-star rank could never get out of here alive.

Many people had a strange feeling – if this little king was not severely injured, he would become the only winner of this gigantic conspiracy and fight.

“Don’t worry, I have an idea. We have to capture him first. He must have saved a safe path for himself to get out.”

[Butcher] Sandro who previously disguised as Modric quickly thought of a strategy. After seeing that Fei was injured and was having a hard time standing up straight, he felt this was the best opportunity for him to gain merit in front of Paris. He immediately rushed out of the crowd and aimed at Fei.

Paris’ expression changed, but she didn’t say anything.

She realized that she was no longer able to see through this little king. She had never felt this perplexed and this shocked in her life. Before she made any decisions, she was willing to let [Butcher] Sandro test Fei again.

[Butcher] Sandro was fast.

He was a four-star fire attribute warrior. As he sprinted to Fei, he moved his hands and red fire energy in his hands transformed into a roaring fire dragon. It flew towards Fei with all of its power and might.

Fei lighted swung his body to the right and dodged this lethal strike.

The next moment, he did something that almost made Sandro collapse –

With a slight flip of his hand, a bottle of red potion appeared in his palm. He chugged it down and the scary injury that was caused by the iron claw healed quickly; it was so fast that the healing was visible to human eyes. Strands of muscle and flesh squirmed and knitted themselves together, and the see-through hole on Fei’s body closed. In just ten seconds, the injures on Fei’s body had fully recovered and he had returned to his peak condition.

[Buchter] Sandro’s face turned ugly, as if it was slapped by a pair of dirty shoes hundreds of time. The only reason why he was brave enough to attack Fei was because he saw that Fei injured; who would have known that this would happen.

The scene of Fei beheading the assassin in white appeared in Sandro’s mind; the assassin in white was much stronger than him. The [Butcher] was terrified; he ignored his honour and pride as he turned around and tried to escape.

However, Fei would never give him the chance.

Fei hated this guy who loved cosplaying and sneak attacking other people. He stomped his feet and Barbarian [Leap] was used. He turned into a shadow and chased after the [Butcher]. His fingers grabbed at Sandro’s shoulder like an iron hook.

“Hahaha, baited! Die!”

As Fei’s fingers was about to touch Sandro’s shoulder, Sandro stopped escaping, turned around, and laughed proudly. His fists instantly aimed at Fei’s head; Fei immediately sensed danger.

The energy surrounding the fist had a heavy and firm feeling to it. It felt like these two fists could destroy anything in their way. This wasn’t the power that a four-star warrior could have.

‘Haha, I knew it! Predicted!”

At this critical moment, Fei suddenly stopped his chase; somehow, the inertia was gone. His body froze as if time was paused. Fei easily dodged Sandro’s planned sneak attack. He then grabbed onto Sandro’s arm and pulled him towards himself. The huge force made Sandro lose the control of his body as he flew towards Fei.

“Impossible, how could you……”


Before he could finish, Fei’s left fist had already blown up his head.

The red blood and white brain flew everywhere. It would give anyone who watched nightmares. The [Butcher] Sandro who had injured two top-tier warriors was killed without having the chance to beg for mercy.

Fei reached down and picked up two silver rings off of Sandro’s corpse.

He found out a long time ago that this [Butcher] had a mysterious weapon that was like a magic item. This weapon could increase the condensation of warrior energy and instantly increase the damage of an attack. It was the best weapon for sneak attacks. It was because of these two silver rings that the [Butcher] could injure both the purple dressed girl and Arshavin, the [Zenit’s God of War]. Otherwise, he could never injure either of them even if he sneak attacked.

After kicking away Sandro’s corpse, the demon-like smile appeared on Fei’s face for the third time, “Ah, another one. I’m feeling even better!”

The people on Paris’ side were going crazy.

Acting weak!

This was the very definition of pretending to be weak!

Who could have thought that this little king had this mysterious healing potion that could speed up recovery that quickly? They didn’t expect a high star ranked warrior on their side to die under Fei’s feet again.

Under the golden morning sun, the peak of Eastern Mountain had turned into something else.

Four headless corpses laid around Fei; there was Hershzen, Okocha, the assassin in white, and Sandro. Everyone felt like they were having a crazy nightmare. “What is happening? How could this little king kill three four-star ranked warriors and a five-star ranked warrior this easily…… Is the God of War joking with us? If this is a nightmare, please let this nightmare end soon!” they thought.

“Take back these magic traps, and I will not hold you accountable for everything you’ve done!” Paris stepped up. The smile was no longer visible on this beauty’s face. Her cold expression was attractive in its own ways. She stared at Fei and sighed unwillingly, “You win, you are the winner today. I would never have thought that the death match between Tanasha and I would end like this; we have each put so much effort into this. I still can’t believe you are the final winner….. However, I’m sure that you understand the current situation. Except for the two four-star warriors and myself, there is also another five-star warrior. Even if you have a lot of magic traps set up, the most you can get is both sides being severely damaged; you can’t get out of here alive as well!”

Only Paris knew how unwillingly she was when she said that.

There were two assassins who used yellow blades; they were both four-star warriors. The assassin who used the sword was a five-star warrior. Paris herself was also a four-star warrior…… From her perspective, they still stood a chance even if they had to fight with Fei head on; the worst that would happen would be losing more than half of her people.

But she also knew that the situation had gone out of her control. The situation was weird from the start. This little king had shocked her numerous times in the last hour. What worried her most was that the eldest princess had not shown her trump card yet. Therefore, Paris decided to compromise; the arrogant king was slowly pulling out his trump cards, but she had no more cards to pull out.

However –

“Haha, granny, you are finally giving up?” Fei smiled at this beauty in front of him. He thought seriously for a moment and answered as he rubbed the back of his head, “Eh, I have to talk to my wife first!”

Next, he did something that really broke the last string that was holding the people on the Eastern Mountain’s mind together. Chapter 126: Witnessing the miracle


Fei placed his fingers around his mouth and whistled loudly. The whistle travelled with the morning wind.